OUTREACH outside of university

During the first years of my PhD, I have realized more and more that I have a passion for outreach. With this, I want to encourage people, especially kids, to follow their curiosity and to learn more about the Universe we live in.

In spring 2019, I gave a talk in a bar in the context of the world-wide science festival Pint of Science. Since the start of the Covid-19 pandemics, we had to come up with new ideas to reach the public. One of these is Couch of Science, an online version bringing Pint of Science to everyone's homes. Together with two colleagues, I joined an online discussion about one of our recent publications.


​Another outreach platform I am actively participating is the Skype a Scientist initiative, which virtually connects scientists with teachers and classrooms all over the world. In the past few months, I talked to 5 different classrooms in 3 different continents.


OUTREACH related to the KU Leuven

I have been involved in several outreach activities related to KU Leuven in the recent three years, especially in open door days at the Institute of Astronomy. These included the STEM days, KidsUniversity, the Day of Science, as well as numerous High School visits.


In the context of these days, we explained the children and young adults the basics of spectroscopy, taught them about observations at different wavelength regimes with our infrared camera, and gave them a hands-on experience with our small amateur telescope.

Additionally, I have given a lecture about Stellar Clusters at a summer school for around thirty 16-18 year old students, organized by the Vereniging Voor Sterrenkunde, Belgium.